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Sunday, 26. January 2020 | 07:52


Topic: Lack of the updates

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#41 | Posted: 19.09.2013 - 23:38:54 !
I would like to let anyone know (whoever is looking forward for this game) that the development is active and the progress made is quite big. I haven't revealed anything new because no one is showing any interest at all and that is pointless to show anything as long as no one is interested.

So if anyone is interested in the game.. even 1 person will do.. let me know here and I will start posting updates and information about the game.

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#88 | Posted: 22.01.2015 - 22:12:59 !
i think the x life is very good (just have to really learn how to play) i think x-life should focus more on getting players to find it then updating something that no one know about so to help i thinking the D7MC google+ page should be D7MC and X-life google+ page :)

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#89 | Posted: 23.01.2015 - 01:43:49 !
Well the game concept is good but current implementation is a bit boring to the players.

So there is going to be lots of features rewritten to be better and fun.

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