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Topic: Minecraft User Information/ Info

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#83 | Posted: 07.12.2014 - 07:25:35 !
So I have mostly completed the Permissions system and made full reset to all users and their groups/ranks.
Now since this server is going to be/are Survival it means mostly:
no flying around
no creative game mode
no typing funny stuff to console
no draining half of the world from water
and generally no attitude like the server would be yours.

Lets say all the players who joined the server are 100%
Now 50% of them logged in once for couple of minutes and left - Those never got any user groups.

So from remaining 40% obtained all the fancy user ranks, op, creative mode.

1 person of those managed to fu*k the server up good so he lost his rank, op, creative mode and all illegally obtained items.

Then about 40% of remaining managed to render themselves completely useless.. They didn't know/didn't want to/or could not help the server out with anything but fooling around. So they lost their ranks too.

And all who remained was actually helping the server out which made some actually progress on setting server up too - Those got promoted to Mod group.

Just for the record..I don't know any of you at all so I cannot trust any of you neither.
Like the saying: "trust is earned not given."

All who has Mod group has to prove themselves trustworthy over time.
Remaining who got demoted to Visitor or User ranks will have to earn that trust even harder.
I do not like begging for ranks so don't try that.

Those words could seem a bit harsh etc but I see no other way. There has to be discipline but also fun.

For the future I will continue to work on the server configuration.
Rules has to be/will be created over time based on the needs and misbehaving of this server and it's users.
Essential buildings in Spawn will be built under my guidance. I have a Vision how I want this spawn to look like.

Democracy is good so Many of the server decisions will be based on player needs and requests.

In near future I will post some information of what needs to be done. We still have a bit to go until we can actually start inviting people to this server.
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#84 | Posted: 08.12.2014 - 02:53:51 !
LWC is in! Now it's possible to protect doors and signs.

Vault plugin is also installed.

In couple of days there will be coming economy plugin and also plugin for selling/buying things.

Some plugins got updated so its less bugs now!

Spawn construction began finally. Builders are needed who can build spaceship and underground facility that has Lab in it and other rooms with detailed decorations.

All builders gets creative game mode and world edit rights. Once the construction is done the rights will be removed and inventories purged. So build some hut, place chest, protect it with LWC and store all your things you don't want to be purged after the Spawn construction. I will monitor every item that goes from creative to survival chests for later use and remove illegally obtained items.

Puzzles will be made by me in order to be able to proceed from room to room until you reach surface.

Spawn got a button that can update Visitors to "User" group. I don't advice using it if you are anything but "Visitor" group. I wont restore Mod ranks if you play with this button. So stay away when someone uses it.

Soon Minecraft forum section will be opened. Also Minecraft page section where is possible to self upgrade yourself into User+ rank.
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