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Topic: SCARECROWS [1988]

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#119 | Posted: 13.07.2015 - 09:20:35 !

I hadn't seen this film since i was rather young . I was perhaps 9 or 10 years old and as usual a scary movie was in the mix (alongside Ghostbusters, ET or even Annie) to placate my lust for blood and guts - yes my parents were really cool in regards to films. So I felt it necessary to review it, AFTER watching it again with a more mature mindset.I had remembered the films plot for many years always wanting to see it again, but only in recent weeks found an Aussie region dvd of it in our local store (which thrilled me to bits, as I always wanted to see why I had such vivid memories of it).


Five people heist the Camp Pendleton payroll, kidnap a pilot and his daughter, who are forced to fly them to Mexico. En route a double cross has one of the thieves parachute with the loot into an abandoned graveyard surrounded by strange scarecrows. Two of the team jump after their loot and their former partner. Everything happens during the course of one very dark night.


This review will not take long ,as I was surprised by how much I DISLIKED it on a rewatch. Perhaps it had chilled me and interested me as a pre adolescent but as an adult I am left asking What Were They Thinking????

This is seen as a classic in many circles (even stated as a cult classic on my dvd jacket).....but why? It is shear awful!

The acting is woeful and wooden, not one character was well conveyed or believable.

The constant voices over radios schtick is borderline annoying, like an incessant noise that just wouldn't bugger off.

And the plot itself is ludicrous ( and while I am a fan of horror and understand sometimes a plot can be ridiculous in this world , this one led to no where fast!!) .

The only enjoyable part was watching the scarecrows themselves pick them off one by one and some of the kills , but other than that I cannot fathom why i romanticized this film so much (over the years in my mind).


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